Monday, September 5, 2011


After days of keeping vigil at my father-in-law's bedside, today we are keeping vigil by the television, watching the doppler graphs as rain moves closer and closer. During our absence, our garden burned to a crisp. We came home to morning glory vines shriveled as if thely'd been zapped by frost.
Because we live well above Cullowhee Creek and the Tuckasegee river , we are in no danger of being swept away by floods! But we have been cut off from the main road by floods in years past.
This may be a day for napping to the sound of rain. Or doing some baking in the kitchen, if we don't lose power. The dogs seem happy about spending the day inside. Forget about dog fur on carpet and sofas. For today we'll have to live with it.
Maybe a good day to be grateful for the few jars of pickles and tomatoes I was able to put aside before family issues demanded my attention.
I hope to come back to my Mountain Woman's kitchen soon, with some guests who give voice to the place where we live.

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