Thursday, August 18, 2011

Guest Blogger: ELIJAH MORGAN

Today's guest blogger is Elijah Morgan, son of Sara and "Tater" Morgan.  
Elijah was in kindergarten at Cullowhee Valley School when he wrote this poem for
 the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest 75th Anniversary Celebration in June.  
His mother has many photos of him, and after taking a look at a few of these,
you'll see why.


The Tree Seed of Love

The trees grow by seeds
They drink by root

They are ALIVE
They enjoy the sun

They are nature
They love it and they like rain

They drink by root
Sunbeams make them grow

That is the tree seed of love

The Southern Appalachians are often called "the vegetation
cradle of North America." I like thinking of
these mountains as a cradle of life. They hold so 
many different species of trees that I love simply 
saying the names of them over and over. Scarlet Oak. 
Sassafras. Tulip Tree. Hemlock........  
Too many of our trees are disappearing, though, victims of 
pollution and insects that feed on the weakened trees. Young Elijah has already learned an important lesson about
protecting our natural treasures. Through "the tree seed 
of love," we can find the heart and energy to take care of the world around us.


  1. The tree seed of love -- that's going to stay with me. Well done, Elijah!